Frequently Asked Questions

How do I contact my child in case of an emergency?

Please click here for emergency contact information.


How do I reserve a Summer Trip?

Please click here for information regarding Summer Young Life Camping. Please note that Pioneer Plunge is only reserved for Young Life areas throughout the summer.


What is the Cost of a Summer trip?

The cost for your Summer Plunge trip varies on the size of your group. The pricing for Summer 2016 is as follows:

          Quarter Trip:  6-8 Campers and Leaders = $2275

          Half Trip:  13-16 Campers and Leaders = $4550

          Three-Quarter Trip:  22-24 Campers and Leaders = $6825

          Full Trip:  30-32 Campers and Leaders = $9100


Do we have to work if we bring a group up on the weekend? How do I reserve a School Season Trip?

No, Pioneer Plunge is no longer in the Work Team season, as the Main Cabin is nearing completion. Please call the Windy Gap office for more information on reserving a school season weekend. Now booking for fall of 2019 (mid-August through end-of-October)

What do I pack for my trip to Pioneer Plunge?

Please click here for the basic Pioneer Plunge Packing List 


How do I apply to be a Summer Plunge Guide?

Please click here for information about guiding at Pioneer Plunge.

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