Summer Young Life Camping

"If Young Life outreach camp is 'the best week of a kids life,' then a week at Pioneer Plunge will be the most significant."

-Clay Bagby

Young Life Area Director

In the summer, our camps are full of High School or College age campers from Young Life areas all over the country. If a week at a Young Life camp sounds exciting to you, contact your local area office to find out how to sign up.
If you are interested in bringing a group or need Trip Leader information, please reference our 2017 Plunge Trip Leader Packet.pdf2017 Plunge Trip Leader Packet.pdf for all of the information you need!
Plunge at a Glance

Every wilderness trip in Young Life is designed to facilitate belief, growth and maturity in Jesus Christ in a small group setting. Our goal during each camp week is to lead campers toward a better understanding of themselves, their peers, and most importantly the amazing truth of our Lord Jesus.  There are so many ties to The Gospel in the wilderness and it is our job to point to Christ through creation, community and solitude. 
Upon arrival, all campers meet the guides and each other, transfer their luggage to the backpacks we provide and start the 4 mile hike up to Plunge where they will live for the week. Everything we do at Plunge has intentionality behind it.
Life Stories
Every camper will share their life story with the group. This serves well to create community and form intimacy in their relationships with their peers. Life stories also serve as a great platform for ministry beyond the week at Plunge. Each one of your campers will know important details about each other's life which will help to form an attractive community within their high school.
Initiative Games
Every group will work through our initiatives course. Initiative games serve as an icebreaker for the group and bring great analogies to a relationship with Jesus. 
Blind-folded Hike
Each week we will take the group on a Blind-folded hike to an overlook. Each group will have to listen to their leader as they guide them to the overlook where they remove their bandanas to reveal a great view of the Blue Ridge Mountains. 
Log Cabin Building
The facilities at Pioneer Plunge have been built by campers over 40 years. Groups are led by our staff through various building projects throughout the summer. Working together is a great avenue for good conversation and fun!
24 hr. Solo
Campers are taken to designated spots in the woods where they spend 24 hrs. by themselves reflecting on the things they are learning. Each camper is equipped with all necessary safety equipment and are monitored regularly by our guides. The Solo is an invaluable part of the week at Plunge and our hope is that each camper is able to grasp the benefits of solitude. It is not our intent to stress campers, but to challenge them. Our guides will work with each leader to accommodate special needs for individuals who would be overly stressed by a 24 hr. solo.
Helping on the Mini-Farm
As a functioning pioneer village, campers will assist our mini-farm operation. Anything from gardening to assisting with our pigs, chickens and goats.
All of our meals are cooked on a wood cook stove and each camper will have the opportunity to prep and cook meals for the other campers. Every meal that is cooked is led by a trained guide, however we challenge campers to take ownership of every meal that is made, and often ask for their input or creativity. This is a great analogy of the body of Christ serving each other. 
Plunge Olympics
A fun competition between the group consisting of relay races, timber games and goofy shenanigans. Plunge Olympics is a stamp on the spontaneous fun and laughter that exist throughout the week.
Ministry Content
Our desire is for your campers to grow closer to Jesus and each other, and be equipped to return home with a renewed passion for the Gospel and a new understanding of what it means to live life to the fullest. Throughout the week, kids experience a blend of community, solitude, and work. They spend time sharing life stories and having conversations as they literally work to live. Each evening, group discussions are held based around the topics of leadership, prayer, solitude, community, and discipleship in order to meet Jesus on a new level.



Upon arrival to Pioneer Plunge, each camper will undergo a safety training by our staff. Young Life and Pioneer Plunge maintain the highest level of safety and standards in operation of all of our activities at camp. Pioneer Plunge's activities are facilitated by trained and experienced staff. Your child will be in good hands while at Pioneer Plunge. In the event of an unexpected accident, our staff are trained in Wilderness First Aid and there is always a qualified medical professional on call to tend to your child's needs. Also, if needed, the local hospital is only a short drive away.

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